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State Website Offers Criminal History for $10

For Immediate Release | Jan 30, 2006

Beginning February 1st, the State of Michigan will begin to offer arrest information on individuals in addition to already available criminal conviction history through the Michigan State Police’s popular online database.

The database system, known as ICHAT, will now allow non-law enforcement officials the ability to access the arrest and conviction records of Michigan residents through an online website located on the State of Michigan’s website, www.michigan.gov/ichat

For a $10 fee, anyone including business employers, landlords, and even reporters can access a person’s State record.

However, ICHAT reports do not contain information about warrants, suppressed records, federal records, or criminal records from other states.

“The Michigan Criminal History Record Database is updated daily with Felony and Misdemeanor Conviction information provided by Law Enforcement, Prosecuting Attorneys and Courts throughout the State of Michigan,” states the ICHAT website.

Exact name, date of birth, sex and race are required for searches.

The State of Michigan also runs the Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry (MIPSOR), an online database of convicted Michigan sex offenders. The MIPSOR service, located at www.mipsor.state.mi.us, provides users with the current names and addresses of known sex offenders, as well as date of birth, height, weight, eye color, and hair color.


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