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Did you know?

  • Many farm operations are exempt from building permit requirements...
  • Incorporating a farm operations can protect your personal assets...
  • Farms have an absolute defense to certain nuisance lawsuits...

Representative Clients

  • Cash crop/small milking herd operation, Saginaw County
  • Cattle operation (with hay growing), Ogemaw County
  • Organic blueberry farm, Saginaw County
  • Deer ranch, Missauskee County

Even small farms are major business operations

The image of the Michigan farmer is one filled with pristine red barns, neat rows of crops, and a bustling road-side sales stand. In truth, even the smallest of commercial farm operations are impacted by land regulations, taxes, complicated financing arrangements, and contracts with fine print.

There are harvest buyers, suppliers, bankers, realtors, attorneys, and government regulators to contend with, on top of the most loved/hated individual--the weatherman. Why not get help from business counsel to advise and guide your business and legal decisions to allow you to focus on your farming/ranching/growing operations and ultimately the bottom line.

Forget show business...
there's no business like the farm business

Michigan is the second most diverse state in terms of agricultural produce in the United States, contributing over $90 billion to the state's economy annually.

Farms are businesses with 'typical' business issues like corporate creation and structuring, contracts, and collections. But agriculture also heavily involves land use, with many specialized needs in land use regulation, incoming resident home developments, and government regulators who do not understand the problems and challenges of agricultural operations. OLC can help.

Outside Legal Counsel has represented farmers, ranchers, and fruit growers in the Mid Michigan region. Whether it is a dispute over unpaid deliveries, issues involving land uses, succession of the family farm to the next generation, or advice on financing/equipment purchases, Outside Legal Counsel can assist in resolving problems and allowing you to focus on your operations.

Assistance immediately available for:
  • Business issues: business purchases; entity formation and organization; contract issues
  • Land usage: land purchases, land leasing, zoning, land use, and real estate
  • Litigation: Nuisance lawsuits; Right to Farm Act defenses; governmental permitting (local, state, DNR, DEQ, MDA-RD)

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