Outside Legal Counsel PLC

Appellate Representation

Outside Legal Counsel represents new and existing clients in appeals from judgments or verdicts. Timing is critical in all appellate cases. All litigants and their trial attorneys wishing to pursue an appeal should contact the office immediately.

Defective Appeals are Delayed Appeals

Too many appeals from busy trial attorneys contain technical errors and procedural defects, which cause delays and embarrassing defect letters from the court clerk. Get the assistance needed from an outside appellate counselor.

Experience in Both State and Federal Courts

Appellate counsel from Outside Legal Counsel has helped numerous attorneys with their appeals before various state and federal appellate courts. Briefs and applications have been or are currently before the US District Court for the Western District of Michigan (on appeal from the bankruptcy court), US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, the Michigan Supreme Court, and the Michigan Court of Appeals.

Representative High Court Successes

A Variety of Assistance for Trial Counsel

Why spend countless hours working on formatting and layout technicalities based on unfamilar court rules? OLC can assist trial counsel with: Whether you seek a legal ghostwriter or full representation before an appeals court, immediate help is available from OLC. Contact the office today for an initial consultation and review.