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Michigan Freedom of Information Act

You have rights under Michigan law to access public records

FOIA (pronounced FOY-YA) stands for Freedom of Information Act. FOIA regulates and sets requirements for the release of "public records" held by "public bodies" in Michigan.

The Michigan Legislature passed Public Act 442 of 1976, a law that created an explicit statutory right for individuals to access governmental records. The law applies to: Unfortuantely, many governmental bodies and officials flout or even ignore your right to access public records. Some wrongly limit inspection sessions or charge inappropriate copying fees. Others will claim a full document exemption when only a small part requires being 'blacked-out' by the lowest paid public body employee capable of retrieving the information necessary to comply with a request.

Read more about FOIA at the Michigan Freedom of Information Project, which we are proud to sponsor.

Take Legal Action to Receive Access to Public Records

When officials and public employees refuse to provide access or copies, or charges excessive fees, Michigan law provides the ability to bring a lawsuit to enforce your rights. In many circumstances, attorney's fees and litigation costs must be paid by the agency wrongfully denying a valid request. A FOIA attorney from Outside Legal Counsel can provide additional insight and help with fulfilling your lawful request.

Protect Your Rights

If you are having issues accessing needed or requested public records, contact a FOIA attorney at Outside Legal Counsel today.

Michigan FOIA: 180 Day Time Limit Starts at Mailing of Denial