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A Citizen's Guide to Michigan's FOIA and OMA

One of the true hallmarks of good government is openness and transparency -- the ability for any citzen to easily learn and review what your government is doing by way of your elected representatives and its army of civil servants. But too often, government officials use bureaucratic secrecy to hide that which is too embarrassing to reveal.

All Michigan citizens have certain rights to easily review and understand what their state officials and civil servants are doing and accomplishing in the name of the public trust. Under Michigan law, citizens have two powerful legal tools available:
  • The Freedom of Information Act
    An act that provides an enforceable right to many but not all records and documents created, held, or used by governmental bodies.

  • The Open Meetings Act
    An act that provides an enforceable right to attend public meetings where many of the decisions of government are made without any prior approval of the public body, without pre-registering registering or otherwise having to give your name. OMA also permits individuals the right to address the public body at such a meeting.

About the Project

The Michigan Freedom of Information Project is a web-based project designed to provide general information and resource to Michigan citizens for their quest to have access to governmental decision-making.

 - What is FOIA
 - Fees for a FOIA Request
 - How to File a FOIA Request
 - Review Procedures and Penalties
 - FOIA Request Generator
 - Copy of FOIA Statute
 - I need a FOIA attorney

 - What is OMA
 - Basic Rights and Responsibilites
 - Notice Requirements
 - Closed Meetings and Sessions
 - Keeping Minutes
 - Enforcement and Penalties
 - Copy of OMA Statute
 - I need an OMA attorney

 - About the Project

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