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Business General Counsel & Commercial Litigation

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Outside Legal Counsel PLC provides general counsel services to growing organizations, family-run businesses, partnerships, limited liability companies, and close corporations and excels at the representation of various clients in a wide range of general business litigation.

You are looking for an attorney who focuses not only on protecting your interests but also finding practical solutions to problems affecting your growing company. OLC has successfully represented clients in many different industries as advocates for their business-related issues and defenders of their business-related interests.

Skilled Representation in the Courtroom

Litigation distracts from the core mission of your business. If a case must go to trial, OLC's clients can rely upon tenacity and skillful representation in the courtroom. OLC utilizes a tough-minded, business-oriented approach to conduct litigation, yet being mindful of the "opportunity costs" and "marginal returns."

Preventing Issues from Going to a Courtroom

One of the best ways to win legal fights is to prevent issues from becoming lawsuits. With a strong business background, OLC has a unique perspective on stategic actions and plans that can minimize and reduce risk, liability, and adverse actions.

OLC can assist clients with: OLC's business practice is devoted to aggressively representing clients and protecting their interests. OLC understands the unique legal and practical issues facing growing and family-run businesses along with the critical goal of preventing the disruption that accompanies litigation.

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