Michigan Land and Real Property Litigation

Outside Legal Counsel PLC is dedicated to protecting your private property rights. OLC represents private land owners regarding disputes with local governments, enforcement officials, neighbors, home and property owners associations, and others.

Sometimes it is just difficult for folks to be good neighbors. Outside Legal Counsel is prepared to represent and protect your property rights with the understanding that land disputes can have important long-term financial and legal consequences. In a dispute over real property rights, it is important to choose a legal advocate who truly understands Michigan real property law and has knowledge of the necessary legal techniques and procedures to resolve issues efficiently and correctly.

Handling Various Types of Real Property Disputes

Outside Legal Counsel can and has handled a wide range of land and real property issues including:

    Quiet Title Actions

    Wrongfully filed liens and other issues affecting clear-marketable title to property can prevent you from being able to sell your property.

    Eminent Domain

    Eminent domain (also called condemnation or taking) is a legal process wherein a government entity or another legally-empowered entity takes private property for public use.

    Zoning Ordinances and Land Use Regulations

    Private property rights are often limited by zoning and land usage laws within a jurisdiction, whether by an enforcement officer or by a neighbor. Property owners are entitled to representation in enforcing or opposing ordinance enforcements, rezonings, and variances, depending on the circumstances and characteristic of the affected property.

    Homeowners or Property Owners Associations

    Michigan law allows certain groups of individuals the right to control the use of property within a neighborhood. However, sometimes such groups act beyond their authority contrary to the interests of property owners.


    A nuisance is the non-physical intrusion by another which interferes with a private property owner's use and enjoyment of his or her property. Nuisances can include noise, dust, pollution, odor, or flooding.


    Trespass is an illegal physical intrusion onto private property of another. Trespass disputes may arise from encroachments across boundary lines and other illegal use of another's property.

    Easements and Covenants

    Easements and covenants control the legal degree of access or control others may have over private property owned by another. Various legal tools are available guarantee or restrict access for ingress and egress, utility company's equipment, and general uses of private property.

    Other Property Rights Issues

    Additionally, there are legal issues regarding property abandonment, water rights, tax sales, illegal tree cutting, adverse possession, acquiescence, and others. Waiting too long to resolve a property issue can lead to unfavorable results.

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